Who Benefits from an Understanding of Archetypes

A Mechanism for Change

Every individual who desires to have a better understanding of their personality and behaviour patterns will benefit from knowing their personal archetypes. When we discover our personal archetypes we have a thorough understanding of how we operate in all aspects of our lives, and can also recognise the archetypes in others giving our relationships depth and clarity.


Knowledge of your child’s archetypes gives you an understanding of their behavioural patterns and how best to deal with them as well as the complexities of their sibling relationships.


How to encourage the Artist child to be interested in mathematics when their desire is to create. Directing the Fool child into sensible behaviours and teaching respect to the rebel child.


Two Queens in the workplace can be a disaster unless they are handled with care. Separate projects could be the answer to avoid territorial disputes. Does your business need servants or networkers?

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The Archetypes

  • Visionary Artchetype Brian Dale Workshops Books and Consulting


    The Visionary is the individual who sees things beyond our physical world or beyond the limitations of our senses. The most noted Visionary is Nostradamus, who […]
  • THe Knight Archetype Brian Dale Personal Development Workshops


    The Knight is the elite warrior, the adventurer, the rescuer and the person you can trust with your life. He is on the pathway of adventure. […]
  • Queen

    The Queen is a powerful archetype of command, strength, duty and achievement. She is in command of her realm, whether it be a household, office, classroom, […]
  • King Archetype Brian Dale Books and Workshops


    The King is in charge. People who have this archetype are leaders and decision makers. Watch them as they enter a room. They have a presence […]
  • Philosopher archetype brian dale archetype workshops


    The Philosopher is the archetype of thought. Philosophers are always thinking. There is just no escaping the saturation of activity in their mind. A question will […]
  • Detective Archetype Brian Dale Author and Workshop Facilitator


    Detectives love mysteries. If you love reading crime or mystery novels, or watching the crime television series, then you have this archetype. If you enjoy interacting […]
  • High Priestess Archetype Brian Dale Author and Worshop Facilitator


    The Priestess is the spiritual and feminine leader of the tribe. She has a spiritual connection to the Divine, service to a congregation, tribe or community, […]
  • Brian Dale Goddess Archetype Workshops and Books


    This beautiful poem from Lord Byron neatly sums up this archetype. Finding love and giving love is important to the Goddess. She enjoys close personal relationships […]
What we offer

Empowering Teenagers

Young people are vitally interested in knowing who they are. Teenagers enter an age of independence and of finding their place in society. Young people need strategies to both cope and excel.Young people need strategies to deal with peer pressure. Young people need strategies to deal with others and situations that test their resolve. These workshops are designed to assist in these processes.

Reading Nights

The Reading Night is designed to give the participants a general understanding of archetypes and how we use them in our daily lives.

Each of us possesses a number of archetypes. Some of these archetypes are common to everyone. They are the Child, Victim, Prostitute and Saboteur archetypes. Each individual has a number of other archetypes. There are many such archetypes. This list includes the King, Queen, Rescuer, Healer, Rebel, Knight, Adventurer, Philosopher, Warrior and Coward to give you but a few examples.

Archetype Workshops

Level 1, 2 and 3. Read more to find out what each workshop covers.


  • Oh my goodness, where to begin? I have woken up feeling like a different woman. The weekend was so huge! I’ve have done a lot of awesome personal development workshops but in all honesty I think this is the biggest, most life transforming workshop I’ve ever done. My first awareness as I opened my eyes this morning was, “I know you’re in there” and the prospect of rediscovering and really birthing me filled me with the most phenomenal delight.

    Karnie A
    Melbourne December 2016
  • I just wanted to thank you for today. What I took away was the understanding I have been searching for and it has created many shifts in my awareness and perception of the”why” behind my actions ( or inactions ha ha!) I feel very blessed for your insight and am excited to unfold this some more. Be sure to let me know of workshop two dates. Many thanks.

    Lismore March 2017
  • So, who am I writing this testimonial? I am a woman who has lived through many milestones in life: marriage (and divorce), motherhood, single parenting, tertiary education, love and loss, success and failures. All of these milestones and events have anniversaries that are celebrated as having been just that milestones/events. However the one anniversary that is etched on my brain and in my psyche is 28.06.2015. That is the date that I first met Brian and did the first Archetype Workshop. That is the date that my life changed irrevocably. Why? Because that was the day I was introduced to myself, my true and authentic self and shown what my highest potential in this lifetime is possible of being. From this date, I have gone on to find my purpose in life. Now that is a huge statement. I have started my own business (as a single mum), learnt and grown both internally and externally and how I choose to interact in life. I owe everything I have become and everything I know I will become to Brian who, with his extensive knowledge of the Archetype system, uncanny ability to connect with his clients took me by the hand and showed me, ME. 28.06.2015 is my date. I urge anyone contemplating Brian’s Archetype Workshops to take that step and find your date.