Detective Archetype Brian Dale Author and Workshop Facilitator

The Detective

Detectives love mysteries. If you love reading crime or mystery novels, or watching the crime television series, then you have the Detective archetype. If you enjoy interacting with people and working out what makes them tick, then you have the Detective archetype. Detectives are keen observers. They notice things others consider trivial. They familiarize themselves with patterns of behaviour. Detectives have a keen eye, a keen brain and a fine sense of organization. They love a jigsaw puzzle and the finicky task of placing the pieces in the correct position. They also enjoy crosswords puzzles and word games.

Detectives are mostly social people. They mix well, especially in small social settings. They have the ability to be good listeners and maintain the flow of conversation with a small number of pertinent but not always direct questions. The skill of the detective is to be unobtrusive and allow the client to reveal themselves. Friends, acquaintances and occasionally even strangers will tell you, the Detective, their life story. They understand the energy of the Detective. The positive Detective keeps secrets and never reveals their sources. That is why Detectives quickly earn the trust of their friends and colleagues.

The archetypal energy of the Detective is used in many walks of life. There are the professionals such as private investigators, the police, spy agencies, investigative journalists, judges and lawyers. There are the creative storytellers, such as crime and mystery authors, script writers for film and television and magazine journalists. There are the creative individuals, such as actors, comedians and clowns. You will find Detective energy and knowledge in those who run dating agencies. Healers and psychologists use the energy to investigate the patterns of behaviour, motivations and mental state of their clients.

Teachers and educators use Detective energy to judge the needs of their students. Then, there is your friend or neighbour who offers you good advice to solve a dilemma that was beyond your understanding. Positive Detective energy is calm, concise, unobtrusive, objective, intelligent and totally trustworthy.

Negative Detective energy relies on prying, snooping, betrayal of trust and mischief making. Social media is rampant with such activity. So too are the pages of so-called popular magazines. The key to your personal Detective energy is to remain discreet and impartial.

Effective Use of Detective Energy

  • Use your detection skills for the greater good and not for gossip or revenge.
  • Remember to be objective and keep a distance between you and the mystery.
  • Trust is the key to your ethics and personal integrity.
  • Value yourself and your ability. You deserve recognition and just compensation for your skill, time and energy.