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The Knight

The Knight is the elite warrior, the adventurer, the rescuer and the person you can trust with your life. He is on the pathway of adventure. Often these adventures are filled with challenges. However, when working in the positive he will rise to the occasion with courage, determination and single-mindedness to see each adventure through to its conclusion.

As an elite warrior, he maintains his physical fitness. This is done through participation in sport or a rigorous gym regime. Many will occupy themselves with team sports where physical contact is important. This is like going to war by testing oneself against rigorous opposition. Some will gravitate to martial arts where the contest is a one-on-one battle.

The individual with this archetype is also a good companion and a great listener. A personal code of conduct and a chivalrous nature are strong within them. They are constantly in demand as a rescuer and confidant. Damsels, especially have an instant recognition and attraction to them. They may desire to fall in love, to be rescued or to have a shoulder to cry on. The Damsel will always seek her Knight in shining armour.

Capable and always ready to defend their honour and protect their possessions and their friends. Many years ago his greatest companion and asset was his horse and his weapons. Today the horse has been replaced by the car or motorbike and the weapons replaced by work tools. They are the hallmark and pride to this archetype. Misuse them at your peril.

The negative side of this archetype is expressed in their misuse of power. The Knight has physical prowess and mental toughness. These attributes can be used to intimidate and humiliate others. The combination of the Knight and the Avenger archetypes may fuel this misuse of power. He may also indulge in philandering, always looking for the next conquest or adventure and indulge in temper tantrums, especially if frustrated or tired and battle weary.

The archetypal energy of the Knight is about stamina, resilience and determination. Whatever projects, whatever adventures, whatever missions the he accepts, there is a remarkably strong determination to see it to the final conclusion. When one mission is complete, the Knight will have a short recovery session and then begin the next task.

Effective Use of Knight Energy

Remember to make your missions honourable.
Keep to the Knight’s code of chivalry and gallantry.
Find your sanctuary and keep it sacred.
Remember that rest and relaxation is important to your long term well-being.
Consider the broad picture and do not get caught up in small details or singular considerations.

The Knight Archetype

A book by Brian Dale