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The Philosopher

The Philosopher is the archetype of thought. Philosophers are always thinking. There is just no escaping the saturation of activity in their mind. A question will come to the Philosopher and they can become lost analysing that question. All aspects to the question must be considered and this, of course, will lead to new thoughts that need analysis. There is a flow of thought with the Philosopher that never ends. Consequently, decision making is not easy for the Philosopher. They make lists. Each decision will have its own list of pros and cons. Lists help clarify what’s in their mind. However, there are always many things to consider. Then, once a decision is made the Philosopher needs to analyse their decision and the possible consequences. They may even go right back to square one and start from scratch. Philosophers have issues with trusting themselves. The Philosopher makes decisions through analyses. They initially listen to their gut feeling or intuition but don’t trust themselves to follow that instinct so they fall back to the rationality of the mind and the whole analytical process. The archetypal energy of the Philosopher is about rational argument and consideration of the ‘big’ questions. Questions such as, the reason for our existence, our purpose in life, our value systems, ethics, the power of thought and language, our social values, systems of governance, our relationship to the physical world and our spirituality are constantly posed.

People with a Philosopher archetype can find the archetypal energy overwhelming. It can paralyse an individual with indecision and procrastination. Philosophers love to talk, so take advantage of that strength. Join a book club or Toastmasters. Allow yourself the opportunity to verbalize your thoughts and that will enable you to prioritize other aspects of your life. Trust yourself, your intuition and your gut feeling. Allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes, be aware that the journey is important and worth enjoying without the analysis. Take action with anticipation, excitement and enthusiasm. This is your life and be prepared to live it to the full.

Effective Use of Philosopher Energy

Actions speak louder than words.
Balance your rational mind with your intuition. There is a time and place to listen to both.
Write morning pages. First thing in the morning, before you do anything else, pick up a pen and write at least 2 pages. Don’t think about what you’re writing. Just write.
Every 5 or 6 months review your priorities. Work out 3 or 4 areas of your life that are a priority and take action only in those areas.
Remember that nothing lasts forever and we are allowed to make mistakes.
Be aware that molehills are not mountains.