High Priestess Archetype Brian Dale Author and Worshop Facilitator

The Priestess

The Priestess is the spiritual and feminine leader of the tribe. She has a spiritual connection to the Divine, service to a congregation, tribe or community, knowledge and leadership of spiritual rites and rituals, dedication and self-sacrifice. The Priestess has a strong history in ancient civilizations and tribal communities that maintain an energetic balance between male and female importance.

The Priestess has an important role in the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of her community. She is often the sage or wise woman of the tribe, and her community will seek her advice on health issues, medicines, foods, births and deaths, children, rites of passage (especially for young women), education and relationships. The nurturing aspect of the Priestess pays respect to all these aspects of community living. She is often the lynchpin of her community.
At a personal level the Priestess has a deep spiritual connection and devotion to the Divine, practice in prayer and meditation, and her own private altar or ceremonial retreat. Her adornments include tattoos, feathers, crystals, beads, animal memorabilia and other personal effects. She always devotes time and attention to her personal spirituality and her special place.

The modern Priestess is consulted by her friends and family for advice. When she takes up the role of leadership she leads spiritual, emotional or physical development courses for small groups. She involves herself with the connection of spirit and her community by becoming a spiritual servant for herself and others. She is the bridge to the feminine aspect of humanity and the spiritual connection to the Divine. When the Priestess is true to her positive energetic nature she will recognize and understand her calling. She will have the confidence and inner knowledge to lead her group in a responsible manner through the practicing of their rituals.

One challenge for the Priestess is staying grounded. Her spiritual connection with the Divine allows her the privilege to experience the love and gentleness of spiritual energy. It is easy to become self-obsessed within that energetic dimension and ignore her role as the tribal leader and educator. At the other extreme, a further challenge is for the priestess to control her ego. The Priestess has great power. The ego loves power and self-importance. When the ego takes control of the individual, there is the opening for abuse, manipulation and delusions of grandeur.

The key for the priestess is to stay true to her calling. You are the tribal leader and educator. You are the source for guidance in regards to spiritual ritual and feminine issues. Be confidence yet humble in giving your gifts and advice.

Effective use of Priestess energy:

  • Take up the challenge and become a servant of the people.
  • Maintain your connection with the Divine through constant prayer, meditation and ritual.
  • Remain grounded and be wary of losing your way in the spiritual energy of the Divine.
  • Honour your sacred shrine.
  • Stay strong but remain humble.
  • Be aware of the temptation of self-importance.