The Queen

The Queen is a powerful archetype of command, strength, duty and achievement. She is in command of her realm, whether it be a household, office, classroom, school, business, government department, state, territory or country. Whatever her situation, she will claim a territory and rule it as her own. The Queen demands to be noticed. She wears clothing that is regal. She adorns herself with jewels and ornaments. She sits at the head of the table, selects a special chair, maybe the highest chair in the room or will sit on the arm of a couch just to be above everyone else. She is always in command and demands to be heard and when she speaks, others listen and dare not interrupt. Speaking with authority she will rarely be challenged and controls her goods and her money with purpose and authority. Although capable of a spending spree, there is a purpose to all purchasesand money will be spent to enhance her kingdom or extend her realm. Purchased items are practical although occasionally they are used to beautify her and her realm.

One of the greatest challenges for the individual with the this archetype is to trust and allocate responsibility to others. There is an innate need to manage all affairs and she finds it extremely difficult to let go of any task, no matter how simple. If you are going to do something you do it well. The key is to find good advisors, allow them responsibilities and trust their loyalty. Service is an important aspect of the Queen energy.

As much as she loves to be in control, she also serves her subjects in her position as ruler and provides and encourages leadership, opportunities, protection, organization, ethics and loyalty. This archetypal energy is laced with endurance. She has the courage and fortitude to withstand all kinds of pressures and challenges.

The negative side of this archetypal energy is shown in the misuse of power, the abuse of others, the air of superiority and the tantrums of the drama Queen. Everyone is aware of the drama Queen. This side of the archetype is in constant emotional turmoil over petty issues. Abuse and tantrums are common behaviours which occur when frustrated by perceived incompetence, personal tiredness, over work and responsibility, or when they are denied territory and responsibility.

Effective Use of Queen Energy

Remember to delegate duties to your trusted advisors.
Maintain your territorial boundaries. Disputes are costly, physically, psychologically and emotionally.
Be loyal, trust your subjects and in return they will be loyal and give trust to you.
You are both a leader and a servant.
Maintain your personal integrity. The morality and worth of a community reflects the morality and worth of its leader.

Queen Archetype Book

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