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The Visionary

The Visionary is the individual who sees things beyond our physical world or beyond the limitations of our senses. The most noted Visionary is Nostradamus, who also had a Prophet archetype. Visionaries have clear pictures of other dimensions and the life forms that inhabit those dimensions. The realm of the fantasy is a common place for them to explore. However, there are a vast number of dimensions. Many of these are foreign and terrifying and very different from our world.

It is understandable that they are often reluctant to admit to their ability. This is a specific archetype and certainly not common. Humans are dependent on their five senses. They rely on their sense of sight and generally perceive their existence in a physical world. It is never easy to explain the things you are capable of seeing, while the majority of people cannot see, or even imagine, those images.

This archetypal energy requires courage. There are very few true Visionaries. Courage is the necessary ingredient for the their survival and peace of mind. It is important for them to understand who they are and that their ability is not commonplace. They are different from the majority of their family, friends and peers. It also takes courage to tune into their visions, many of which will be confusing at best, and terrifying, at worse.

Visionaries have the ability to provide us with an understanding of existences beyond the physical. There are some who can tune in to spirit guides. If they have an Artist archetype, they also have the ability to illustrate these guides. Others use their talent as mediums. They have the ability to communicate with those who have passed from this life back into the Afterlife.

The key for this archetype is discernment. The Visionary is likely to invite misunderstanding, fear, terror, paranoia and even personal invasion if they continually delve into other realms with total abandonment and recklessness. It is important for them to maintain personal protection and equilibrium, and to surround themselves with supportive family and friends.

Effective Use of Visionary Energy

There is plenty of cynicism in the world and they will always attract their fair share. It is important to have friends and family who will balance that cynicism with belief and support. This is especially the case for the child who has this archetype.

A further consideration for them is how to best use their ability. Will this unique ability be used at all? Will they succumb to the doubts and criticisms of the cynics? If the Visionary has the courage to proclaim their ability, will it be used to assist others or for self-seeking motives?

Finally, it is important for the Visionary to remain independent of their visions. Independence, in this respect, means two things. Firstly, the Visionary must relay the purity of the message and not tamper with the substance of the message to fit in with personal beliefs or prejudices. Secondly, the Visionary has to understand their ability is only a part of who they truly are and not to be deluded into a life of imbalance.