Archetypes give us an understanding of who we truly are. We begin to change our lives when we move from the negative aspect of an archetype to the positive aspect of that archetype

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The Visionary is the individual who sees things beyond our physical world or beyond the limitations of our senses. The most noted Visionary is Nostradamus, who also had a Prophet archetype. Visionaries have clear pictures of other dimensions and the life forms that inhabit those dimensions. The realm of the fantasy is a common place […]


The Knight is the elite warrior, the adventurer, the rescuer and the person you can trust with your life. He is on the pathway of adventure. Often these adventures are filled with challenges. However, when working in the positive he will rise to the occasion with courage, determination and single-mindedness to see each adventure through […]
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The Queen is a powerful archetype of command, strength, duty and achievement. She is in command of her realm, whether it be a household, office, classroom, school, business, government department, state, territory or country. Whatever her situation, she will claim a territory and rule it as her own. The Queen demands to be noticed. She […]


The King is in charge. People who have this archetype are leaders and decision makers. Watch them as they enter a room. They have a presence and a purpose. They instinctively understand what needs to be done and intuitively take control. Many people find this archetypal energy to be overwhelming and, at times, abrasive. Both […]
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The Philosopher is the archetype of thought. Philosophers are always thinking. There is just no escaping the saturation of activity in their mind. A question will come to the Philosopher and they can become lost analysing that question. All aspects to the question must be considered and this, of course, will lead to new thoughts […]


Detectives love mysteries. If you love reading crime or mystery novels, or watching the crime television series, then you have this archetype. If you enjoy interacting with people and working out what makes them tick, then you have this archetype. Detectives are keen observers. They notice things others consider trivial. They familiarize themselves with patterns […]
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The Priestess is the spiritual and feminine leader of the tribe. She has a spiritual connection to the Divine, service to a congregation, tribe or community, knowledge and leadership of spiritual rites and rituals, dedication and self-sacrifice. There is a strong history in ancient civilizations and tribal communities that maintain an energetic balance between male […]


This beautiful poem from Lord Byron neatly sums up this archetype. Finding love and giving love is important to the Goddess. She enjoys close personal relationships and can move between the extremes of a soft and a fiery temperament. Remember, she has the energy of a supreme being as well as the energy of the […]
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