Archetypal Affirmations

Archetypal affirmations as a tool for change.

Archetypal affirmations are a powerful tool for change. If you feel the time is right to take action then look at your archetypes and the houses or zones each one is in. Examine your priorities. What is it you really want to achieve? What is your vision for the next few months? What are you passionate about? What would you like to achieve or accomplish? Is there something about you or your life you really want to change?
Look at the archetype/s that are holding you back or that could transform your life. Read the negative words and phrases for that archetype and identify which ones describe you. Now is the time for action. Change the negative word or phrase into the positive. Affirm, visualize, meditate and focus on the positive. Be conscious of your thoughts, your words and your actions. Especially listen to your self-talk. As an example, when your Coward archetype tells you that you are not good enough, say to yourself, “I am brilliant and capable.” Say those words whenever you think of them.
Here are some thoughts for a number of archetypes, deliberately kept simple and applicable.

Some simple applicable archetypal affirmations

Servant: I am worthy. I am indispensible.
Princess: My charm and empathy strengths my influence.
King: I expand my kingdom through wisdom and trust.
Healer: I am both intuitive and discerning.
Priestess: I am true to my calling and my tribe.
Goddess: I am connected to spirit to assist others.
Knight: I follow my quest with honour and service.
Coward: I take action and follow my own path.
Queen: The expansion of my realm relies on leadership and delegation.
Wise Woman: On all occasions I trust my knowledge and intuition.
Seeker: I adhere strictly to three important priorities.
Mother: I nurture my children and myself.
Philosopher: My thoughts are important and my action is decisive.
Father: I always model positive behaviours.
Warrior: I am discerning and honorable.
Teacher: I am an inspiration for learning and understanding.
Actor: I know and understand my life’s purpose.
Joker: My humour is appropriate and places people at ease.
Storyteller: I write and tell stories with passion and honesty.
Detective: I am the soul of discretion.
Court Jester: I use the stage and my wit to be inclusive and to entertain.
Rebel: I am pro-active never reactive.
Rescuer: I assist others with empathy and detachment.
Judge: I am discreet and compassionate.
Damsel: I am independent and happy to accept the assistance of others.
Adventurer: I am responsible in my adventures.
Victim: My attitude is strong in all situations.
Prostitute: I value all that I do.
Saboteur: I always trust my intuition.
Addict: I am conscious of my addiction and always focus on the positive