Understanding Empowerment Transformation through Archetypes

Understanding, empowerment and transformation are only words. However, when action is taken to activate those words, there are powerful concepts behind their meaning.


The first step in any process is gaining an understanding into your true self. There are so many occasions in our life when we fall into a behavioural pattern of expectation. Our daily routine follows the expectations of other people. We please our parents, siblings, partner, children, the boss at work, our friends, our neighbour, the social norms and protocols and sometimes, even ourselves. We continually use our archetypal energy. However, we do so without conscious thought. We fall into Mother, Servant, Coward, Queen, Companion, Wise Woman, Detective, Seeker or other archetypal roles to fulfill these expectations.

Occasionally we stop and pause. We come to a moment in our life that leads us to transformation.
I have consistently seen this with many clients. The time is right. They make the effort to attend an archetype workshop. Their personal archetypes are revealed. For possibly the first time in their life they see who they truly are. They see all of who they are not just a part. For some, this new understanding and awareness is exciting, for others, it is emotional and overwhelming.

Suddenly, you recognize you are a Queen. You are in charge. You are powerful. You rule your realm. Your subjects depend on you. You are confronted with the question of what kind of Queen are you?
Then, there is the Goddess. The Goddess is beautiful. She is strong. She is powerful. She possesses an amazing spiritual connection. When I mention the frustration the Goddess has with living in the physical and how she finds people annoying, everything makes sense.

This year alone, there have been many illuminating moments. People have understood how they have become lost in the process of daily life. With the knowledge of their personal archetypes they understand their true self and a whole range of possibilities are revealed.


With this new knowledge and understanding we can begin the process of empowerment.
Empowerment is being who we truly are. Empowerment is finding and following our passion. Empowerment is fulfilling our purpose. Empowerment is doing what we want to do and not what others expect us to do.

With the realization our Victim (self-esteem) is always with us, influencing us and working with every other archetype we use, we can use that powerful energy to our advantage. Once we understand our self-esteem is firstly an attitude then an emotion, we have the ability to change our attitude. Once we change our attitude, we change the emotion to a positive feeling and we enhance and strengthen our self-esteem on a continual basis.

Empowerment is about us making decisions. We give ourselves the right to answer a request with either yes or no. We no longer make excuses. We no longer justify ourselves. We no longer apologize for something that has not harmed another. We no longer blame ourselves for other people’s behaviour or misfortune. We are truthful with ourselves and with others. We no longer take on guilt. We establish our priorities and determine what is right for us. We say what we do and we do what we say. We live up to our expectations and not the expectations of others. We use all of our positive archetypal energy. We live in balance and not dysfunction.


Transformation is about action. When we empower ourselves, we take action. We take positive action and leave the negative action in the past. Actions speak louder than words. Transformation is never about saying what we are going to do. It’s in the doing. All those with a Coward archetype take note. It’s in the doing. Do it now.

Transformation is living in the positive. Transformation is living in the present. There are only two statements we should say. They are, I am and I have.

Listen to your self-talk. Rid yourself of words like, try, when, I will, should have, if only, need, deserve, I can’t, tomorrow and similar words and expressions.

Always say to yourself and to others. I am wealthy. I have money. I am happy. I have happiness. I am beautiful. I am clever. I am caring and nurturing. I have the knowledge. I have the ability and similar words and expressions.

Habits are habits. It is just as easy to develop a positive habit as it is a negative habit. It is being conscious and aware of your thoughts, words and actions. Choose them well and negative habits will transmute into positive habits. Remember, this is your life. Lead the life you want to lead.