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Brian Dale

Archetype Consultant and Author

In 2003 Brian trained as an archetype consultant with the Caroline Myss Institute. Since then he has conducted over one hundred archetype workshops throughout Australia. He has also given archetype talks and lectures at various festivals and written several books including ‘Archetypes unmasking your true self’ and ‘Self-esteem Matters.

Brian Dale Author Storyteller and Archetype Consultant

Brian's Bio

Author Storyteller Teacher

Brian Dale is an experienced primary school teacher, librarian, storyteller, author, playwright, drama teacher, director, archetype consultant, past life hypnotherapist, Theta healer and workshop facilitator.

Brian’s giftedness in archetypes is only a recent discovery. In 2002, his insightful wife, Robyn, inspired him to be trained as an archetype consultant at the Australian Institute of Caroline Myss. Archetypes are universal personifications, such as, Princess, King, Victim, Warrior, Rescuer and many more. We continually use archetypal energy in our daily lives. Brian realized that he could assist people in the discovery and understanding of their true selves, how they operate in the various aspects of their lives and how to bring change for their betterment and the betterment of others.

Archetypes give us an understanding of who we truly are. We begin to change our lives when we move from the negative aspect of an archetype to the positive aspect of that archetype.

Brian’s intuition and insightful observations have assisted many people to fully understand themselves and their place in this physical world. He has facilitated many archetype workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne as well as his home area, the Byron Shire. He has a remarkable ability in assisting individuals to discover their inner self, reveal and pursue their passion, heal past wounds and injustices and stimulate their creativity.

This is a gift I am happy to share. I am truly humbled to be able to facilitate each client to understand their nature and to support them in their life’s journey.

With the passing of his daughter, Tahla, Brian has been inspired to investigate the Afterlife. This has taken him on a new and exciting pathway. With the assistance of Tahla and her spirit guide, Simeon, Brian is keen to pass on their messages and information about what happens to us when we depart from this physical world.

This is a stimulating journey and I am relishing every step and every experience.

In 2015, Brian studied and is now practising past life regressions, hypnotherapy and healing using the methods of Delores Cannon. He is also a trained Theta healer using the techniques of Vianna Stibal.

As a primary school teacher he has over 35 years experience having taught in both public and private schools. He was a founding member of, and teacher, at Tarlina Community School, Victoria.

Brian is a trained teacher-librarian and entertaining storyteller. His storytelling led him into writing children’s books. He is a published author and his stories for children have been used in standardized tests by both the Victorian and South Australian Education Departments.

One of his greatest passions is drama and performing arts. In 2004, Brian and Lee Purdie founded Bright Lights Performance School. Bright Lights is based in Byron Bay/Ballina and trains students in drama, dance, singing and stage performance. Brian has written, produced and directed many Bright Lights performances. He has also written and directed over twenty school musical productions, both in Victoria and New South Wales.

There are many rewarding aspects to working in the field of stage performance. It is a joy beyond description to witness the wonderful boost to each performer’s self-esteem as they develop their performance skills. Children especially benefit enormously from the experience. Involvement in performance allows each student to express their creativity and improve their individual skill level in acting, dancing and singing. As a bonus, there is that unique development of friendship and bonding with all members of the performance troupe.

In his spare time Brian loves to garden, play golf, walk several fluffy dogs and write children’s stories. Brian Dale and his wife Robyn have been married for over forty years and have three wonderful children, Adam, Jade and Tahla and the most amazing grandchildren, Luca, Lilly and Isla.