Archetypes Workshop Level One

$150.00 AUD

Archetypes Workshop Level One runs for six hours from 10am to 4pm with break for lunch. This workshop will allow each participant to identify and determine their own personal set of archetypes. There are twelve main archetypes that each individual has and these archetypes determine our attitudes and behaviours.  Please specify the DATE and LOCATION of workshop you wish to attend when paying and reserving your place.

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In Archetypes Workshop Level One there will be an examination of both positive and negative archetypal energy. This energy allows us to change those aspects of our life that hold us back or cause us dissatisfaction.
The archetypes common to all of us; our Child, Victim, Prostitute and Saboteur will be dealt with in detail. Each individual will identify and determine the type of Child archetype they have; the relationship between their Victim and Prostitute; and how each of these strong archetypes affect our decision making processes.

Each individual will identify their other 8 personal archetypes. From a comprehensive list of nearly 100 archetypes, each participant will examine the strong energy archetypes such as Addict, Rescuer, Martyr, Coward and Philosopher; the popular archetypes such as Mother, Servant, Warrior, Healer, Teacher, Judge and Athlete; and the rarer archetypes such as Wise Woman, Goddess, Shaman and Shape Shifter.

Once each participant has determined their personal archetypes each archetype will be placed in an activity zone of our Life Journey chart.

Participants can expect to:
Gain a deep understanding of archetypes and archetypal energy.
Receive a comprehensive booklet with a description of 95 archetypes and their positive and negative characteristics.
Archetypes Workshop Level One will help you to understand how archetypal energies interact and affect our relationships, attitudes and behaviours.
Determine the type of Child archetype they have.
Understand the role of their Child, Victim, Prostitute and Saboteur archetypes and the relationships that exist between these archetypes.
Determine and understand their other 8 personal archetypes.
Place their personal archetypes in an activity zone of our Life Journey chart.


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