Archetypes Workshop Level Two

$150.00 AUD

Archetypes workshop level two is a six hour workshop from 10am – 4pm with break for lunch. Archetypes Workshop Level 2 will allow each participant to identify the twelve different zones that make up their life journey. ┬áPlease specify the DATE and LOCATION of workshop you wish to attend when reserving and paying for your place.

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These zones include aspects such as your comfort zone, communication, work, creativity, finance, partnerships and spirituality. All the different aspects of our life are found in these 12 zones.

We will re-visit the energies of each individual archetype found in each of the 12 zones. You will examine the relationship that exists between this archetype and the components of each zone. You will gain a thorough understanding of the positive and negative archetypal energy that determines your attitude and behaviour in each aspect of your life.

Our major task will be to develop our individual Action Plan. Determine what changes you would like to make in your life; which direction you would like to head in; what relationships need fostering or completing; what you would like to have more of and what you would like to have less of. Your action plan will examine the role played by each archetype in each zone.

We will look at the various techniques and patterns of behaviour that are best suited to engage our action plan. These will include priority lists, morning pages, affirmations, self-talk, risk taking, using positive archetypal energy and many more. We shall use some role-playing techniques to assist with the determination and implementation of this plan.

Through completion of Archetypes workshop level two participants can expect to:

Gain a deeper understanding of archetypes and archetypal energy
Develop an understanding of the 12 different zones that make up our Life Journey chart.
Understand how the energy of the individual archetype found in each zone interacts and affects our attitudes and patterns of behaviour in that aspect of our life
Determine an individual Action Plan.
Understand the different techniques that can be used in a working model of their Action Plan.
Determine which techniques are best suited for their individual archetypes and which techniques are most effective for each zone.


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