Charlie the Cheeky Spider

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Children’s Book by author Brian Dale. 
Size: Letter 22cm x 28cm (80 pages)

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Charlie the Cheeky Spider

Charlie is a cheeky spider. From the moment he could creepy crawl, creepy crawl, creepy crawl, creep, Charlie made mischief. He began a food fight, ruined a picnic, caused a car accident, disrupted a school lesson and over-indulged in sweets.

However, causing mischief often gets you into trouble. Throughout his trouble-making adventures, Charlie was almost stomped on, about to be eaten for a lolly, was captured and caged, tickled until he performed daring tricks, ravaged by a blood-thirsty spider and finally pinned as a hat decoration.
If you love making mischief or even the thought of making mischief, you are certain to love Charlie. This book is best read aloud as there are many noises and sound effects that embellish Charlie’s character and adventures. However, the book can also be read quietly with lots of internal chuckles.
Size: Letter 22cm x 28cm (80 pages)


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