Decoding the Afterlife Book

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Decoding the Afterlife is designed to answer the basic questions of what happens to us when we die.
Size: A5 (140 pages)

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Decoding Afterlife experiences is a challenge for most people, as it usually comes at a time of great loss or grief. This book is designed to answer the basic questions of what happens to us when we die and contains within it forty five topics. These include God, spirit guides, seven layers of spirit, spiritual family, animals in spirit, other dimensions, mediums, reincarnation, karma, past lives, the Akashic records, the creation of the universe and many more. The book allows the reader to come to terms with their own belief system. This book was written from information channeled from our daughter, Tahla and her spirit guide, Simeon. Over a period of several months, Simeon answered many questions and delivered to Brian an overview of the Afterlife and what happens to us after this life and the world of spirit. “Decoding the Afterlife” answers so many basic, yet important questions. It also encourages readers to consider not just their humanity but also their spirituality.

3 reviews for Decoding the Afterlife Book

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