Divine Child Archetype Book

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The Archetype of Grace
Know yourself and others and work with the positive aspects of the ‘Divine Child’ archetype.
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Size: A5 (50 pages)

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The Divine Child

Have you recognized your strong spiritual connection? Are there occasions when you feel lost and challenged in this physical world? If this is the case you have the Divine Child archetype
As a child, you may not have understood the joys and the challenges of being a Divine Child. As an adult, awareness of your strong spiritual connection grows and matures.
This book is invaluable for all individuals with Divine Child archetype. It gives you an insight into understanding and using the archetypal energy of the Divine Child.
Enjoy the journey of your personal transformation; become a trusted guide and a shining light to those who seek a spiritual pathway. Find your tribe of like-minded spiritual beings. You are the child of grace. You are the Divine Child.


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