Dont Forget Nan

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Family and Children’s Book by author Brian Dale. 
Size: 20cm x 25cm (38 pages) Coloured illustrations

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Don’t Forget Nan!

A Book for Families Understanding Dementia

Many of us know a friend or family member who suffers from dementia. This is the story of Nancy and her decline from the early stages of dementia to her passing. Each chapter relates an episode of amusement, drama or frustration as seen through the eyes of Nan’s ten year-old grand-daughter.

All the events are true recollections of our family’s time with Nancy. As the author and son-in-law, my favourite image is of Jade and me visiting Nancy at the nursing home and me unwittingly sitting comfortably on a urine-soaked cushion. The comfort was extremely short-lived.

This book is for families and especially for those caring for loved ones with dementia. It is suitable for children, or for parents and carers to read to their children. It is also recommended for teachers and students when discussing dementia, families and relationships.
‘Don’t Forget Nan!’ is there to be loved and treasured.


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