Fantastic Adventures

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Children’s Book by author Brian Dale. 
Size: 18cm x 25cm (85 pages) Cost: $25

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Fantastic Adventures

What would you do?

Imagine yourself as Sir Edward, the strong and brave knight. What happens when Sir Edward loses his way and turns into Ted the Terrible? What does he do when his servant and only friend Leela faces terrifying danger? What would you do?
The story of Sir Edward, the Knight is one of twelve stories where the reader is faced with an ethical dilemma. They decide what they would do in each situation. Each story is finished in the second part of the book using the positive personality traits of each archetypal character.
‘Fantastic Adventures’ can be used to initiate discussion about personal attitudes, morals and ethics. It may be used by teachers, parents and youth leaders for such purposes.
The book can also be read for the sheer pleasure of enjoying each adventure.


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