Fear Not

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Fear Not is a self help manual by author Brian Dale.  POSTAGE INCLUDED in Australia.

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‘Fear Not’ contains a program to overcome 52 fears, one fear for each week of the year. How you use this book is up to you. Each ‘fear’ topic is followed by a set of exercises designed to alleviate or eradicate a specific fear. You may follow the program week by week or choose specific exercises you find suitable at a particular time. The choice is yours.

The book is designed to assist you in dealing with and overcoming your fears. The exercises for each topic fall into three possible methods we can utilize when dealing with our fears.

We can use one method only or a combination of methods.

Each of us experiences fear differently and in different situations. How to best overcome that fear is a matter for each individual. This book allows the reader the flexibility to choose what is important to them and how best to tackle their personal fears.

Life is there to be lived to the fullest. This book provides you, the reader, with the program and the techniques to deal with your fears and to enjoy the experiences, beauty and pleasure that life has to offer.

Size: A5 (116 pages)


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