Princess Archetype Book

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The Archetype of Privelage
Know yourself and others and work with the positive aspects of the ‘Princess’ archetype.
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The Princess

The Archetype of Privilege
Why do you radiate beauty, elegance, charm and gentility? Why are you clever, caring and creative? It is because you are a Princess. You have all the personality traits of the Princess archetype.
You have understood your nature from a very young age. Your family and friends have always recognized those qualities. It is wonderful to be a Princess.
This book is about you. It has been written to give you a better understanding of your nature. It tells you how to increase your confidence and take advantage of your skills and talents. It also gives you an understanding of how you are able to influence those who surround you.
Enjoy your Princess energy and surround yourself with those who understand and support you. You have the energy of the Princess. You are soft and gentle yet you have remarkable power.


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