Tilly and the Magic Potion

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Children’s Book by author Brian Dale. 
Size: A5 (96 pages)

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Tilly and the Magic Potion

If you believe in magic, this book is for you. If you have dreams and nightmares this book is also for you. If you are on a mission to assist another, this book is definitely for you.

The central characters in this story are Tilly and her older sister, Emily. Tilly is a young witch but a very good witch. Emily has been ill for many months and her condition is not getting better. Tilly is on a mission to find the magic ingredients that she knows will cure Emily.

Tilly has to battle a raging tree, fight a blood-thirsty praying mantis and a cruel scientist to secure the magic ingredients. Emily has to battle her dreams and nightmares to believe in both her power and Tilly’s magic.

When fantasy and reality come together, all manner of healing is possible.
Young readers are certain to love ‘Tilly and the Magic Potion’.


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